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CARE Package

We are pleased to introduce to our students an extremely valuable level of service we call Comprehensive Assistance and Resources for Education. CARE Package is a premium service and personalized plan that gives you and your loved ones access to a knowledgeable and dedicated Student Representative, as well as expanded services to ensure your peace of mind. We understand students and families need care, support, and expert guidance before, during and after their time abroad.

Our CARE Package is a tailored component to help bridge incoming students to a new culture, a new home, and a new experience. The CARE Package is uniquely designed to be responsive to student’s professional, academic, and personal needs.

Your overall experience in the United States is our top priority. No matter your school of choice, Study America’s CARE Package gives international and domestic students, as well as their parents and/or family, a top rate plan that gives access to:

  • Dedicated Student Representative
  • 24/7 Level of Support
  • Advisement day or night

Total CARE is at your fingertips! Personalized assistance includes the following:

  • School Selection
  • U.S. City and State Selection
  • Major and Course Selection
  • School Application Assistance
  • Housing Assistance
  • Health and Medical Referral Service
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Legal Referrals
  • Banking Referrals
  • Cultural Acclimation
  • And so much more!

The CARE Package is an important link in helping acclimate students and prepare them for a safe, positive, and rewarding experience. Think of us as a personal and trusted connection. Student Representatives have access to important tools, programs as well as an expanded network to help you discover all the United States has to offer!

Please contact Study America to inquire how we can enhance one of the most important milestones in your life. We Care about your experience and are ready to assist!
The CARE Package is $500 per month (billed annually).

American Summer Academy

American Summer Academy is a unique program designed specifically for international students of various age groups who are interested in developing their skills and talents while becoming proficient in American English and Culture. The program involves activities centered around academics, careers, as well as recreational events. Since our Academy will be based at major Southern California universities/colleges, they will provide a student-centered experience and will familiarize our students with an American education.

Students will be engaged in various activities that will involve and promote a comprehensive set of skills such as computers, arts, sciences, business, leadership, and the like. These skills will enable our students to become successful professionals in a global environment. Activities will be developed with input from our students and their successful results and efforts will be celebrated at the end of the Academy with a final project presentation. Students who complete the Academy will be granted a Leadership Certificate.

The American Summer Academy is about more than just learning. Our students will have an opportunity to participate in lots of fun activities and events and will be able to visit famous American locations such Disneyland, Hollywood, museums, shopping, and our famous Southern California beaches.

Assistance & School Application Assistance

Student Representatives will guide you through the documentation required to obtain an I-20 from your favorite school or from a list of qualified accredited schools. Our experts are intimately familiar with the application processes to various schools both inside and outside the United States. They can be your partner during the process. Study America’s Student Representatives assist you in choosing a school and in completing the school application for admissions. We also guide you through the documentation preparation process including transcript translation. Study America does not guarantee that transfer credit will be accepted by your school in the United States. That decision can only be made by the institution accepting the credits.

The cost for this service is $1,000 USD which includes $150 Evaluation Fee (non-refundable) and $850 once you receive your I-20 (will be refunded if you are unable to attain an I-20). Please contact Study America for more details.

Transportation and Housing Assistance

Although public transportation may be available near your choice of school in the United States, you may want to choose other options to get to and from school and around town. Schools in the United States offer housing options to their students; you may want an apartment or other housing in an exclusive neighborhood. Study America will help students find their transportation and housing of choice.

Price will vary depending on your selection. Study America offers a wide range of housing and transportation options to meet the needs of its students. Please contact Study America for more details.

Learning/Tutoring Assistance

To enhance the students’ educational support system, Study America will provide an opportunity for students to receive learning assistance which may include one-on-one tutoring from qualified individuals. These tutoring services may include academic as well as professional topics. Although the cost of the learning/tutoring will vary based the topic and the frequency, Study America estimates a starting fee of $25 per hour for basic topics. Prices may increase for advanced topics and frequency. Please contact Study America for more details.

ESL and Language Training

If you want to learn how to better speak, read, and write American English, Study America provides its students and their parents a wide array of ESL and language training, along with other cultural education activities. Study America ESL and Language programs are customized based on the needs of our students. The length and the cost of the program will vary based on your comprehension level of English. Please contact Study America for more details.

Events and Activities

Study America will coordinate and host a variety of events and activities in various geographical hubs, including Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Miami, Chicago, and many other exciting places. These events and activities are created to expand the opportunities for students to supplement their educational experience. These events also provide you with taste of what America has to offer such as sight-seeing tours, cultural exchange, and immersion opportunities. The cost of the events and activities will vary based on the location and duration of the events/activities. Please contact Study America for more details.

TOEFL Preparation

Study America has online tools as well as traditional material to better prepare you for the TOEFL exam. When supplemented with our ESL and Language Training, Study America’s TOEFL tools may improve your scores. Study America’s TOEFL preparation tools are customized based on the needs of our students. The length and the cost of the program will vary based on your comprehension level of English. Please contact Study America for more details.

Study Abroad

Study America is your source if you are interested in studying outside of your home country. Regardless of where you live, Study America can help you with your educational needs.

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